Shopping at Goodwill

Great for making the budget stretch, for outfitting rapidly growing children, for personalizing teen wardrobes, adding to men’s and women’s career attire, or finding vintage or designer buys, Goodwill stores make shopping an outing and never a chore.

Because Goodwill stores restock several times daily, shoppers can always find something new. Many shoppers go from store to store, because each store has different items and each offers the potential to discover something special and unexpected. Bargain seekers and treasure hunters enjoy Goodwill for its wide variety of clothing and household goods with one-of-a-kind appeal priced at bottom dollar.

Our beautiful, bright clean stores boast aisles chock full of great merchandise. All 44 locations are open seven days a week. With locations all across the region, both shopping and dropping off donations at Goodwill is always convenient.