Donating Goods

When you donate and recycle your unneeded items to Goodwill, we make them available to your neighbors at affordable prices. The revenue that our 45 stores and attended donation centers earn is then invested in our community through a variety of programs and services including skills training courses and employment programs for those with disabilities or economic disadvantages. You can be confident that your donation to Goodwill is making a difference to improve the life of someone in your community!

Goodwill graciously accepts your donations at any of our stores and donation centers, however, we are no longer accepting furniture items that are larger than 40″.

Goodwill does not provide home pickup service, but we have a partnership with "ReSupply" a fee-based pickup service that will take your donation to a Goodwill of your choice. Select the Resupply Widget for more information.

Who We Are...

MERS Goodwill Industries is a non-profit agency dedicated to helping our neighbors. Our mission is “Changing lives through the power of work.” MERS Goodwill is a Platinum level participant with Guidestar and is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. You can trust Goodwill with your donations!

What We Do…

MERS Goodwill Industries currently has over sixty career centers where we offer a variety of vocational services to help individuals determine a practical career goal, job training and assistance in locating employment. Our centers are funded through grants, government programs and the sale of donations to our 45 stores and donation centers.

How We Do It…

MERS Goodwill Industries changes lives in our community by selling the items that are so generously donated.  By recycling your unneeded household items, clothing, furniture and even cars you are supporting our effort to not only train and prepare individuals for employment, but also improve their quality of life.