Disability Benefits

Disability Benefits and Working ~ Get the facts!

It is common for people to worry that their Social Security benefits will disappear if they get a job. For most people, this isn’t the case. In fact, it is often possible to maintain benefits while working, and the Social Security Administration’s programs have several incentives in place to ease the transition back into the workforce. Once you understand the impact that wages could have on your benefits, you’ll be able to make informed choices about your future!

There are great resources available to answer your questions about working while receiving benefits:

  • Disability Benefits 101 busts myths, shares information about work supports and can even help you predict how wages will affect your benefits using their Benefits and Work Calculator.
  • The SSA Red Book is a comprehensive guide to Title II and SSI programs designed to provide knowledge about these programs and their work incentives.
  • Work Incentives Seminar Events (WISE) share information to help beneficiaries re-enter the workforce or to work for the first time. They cover a broad range of topics and are all provided free online. Anyone can attend!

Individuals enrolled in employment services with MERS Missouri Goodwill Industries are encouraged to request a planning session with our Certified Benefits Specialist to discuss their options!