Items We Can and Can't Accept

Please note, we are not able to provide home pickups. Check our locations for a donation center near you.

Goodwill accepts donations of most household items including, but not limited to, clothing, linens, shoes, accessories, home goods, kitchen wares, etc,

***Please note: We do not accept "large" furniture over 40".***

It’s hard for us to say “No Thank You” to a donation when our operating funds are realized through the sale of donated goods. However, some items are refused for very good reasons:  Items may may not be recyclable or contain hazardous waste and others cost more to transport, repair or refurbish than they can be sold for in our stores.

Our store managers may decline a donation if, in their judgment, it is not in clean and sellable condition.

These are the items that we do not accept:

  • Large furniture over 40”
  • Tube (CRT) style televisions and computer monitors
  • Household chemical products: pesticides, paint, paint thinner, drain cleaner, oven cleaner, aerosols and other environmentally-unfriendly waste products
  • Automotive hazardous waste: tires, lead acid batteries, additives, gasoline, oils, antifreeze, etc.
  • Car parts or tires
  • Air conditioners, furnaces, trash compactors, water heaters, large console stereos, freon-based appliances, etc.
  • Partially used or open personal care items such as: nail polish remover, perfume, shampoo, shaving cream, hairsprays, etc.
  • Food
  • Mattresses/box springs, including water bed mattresses and water bed frames
  • Fuel powered tools
  • Building materials: sinks, toilets, plumbing fixtures, carpeting/padding
  • Single-stream recyclables such as glass, newspapers, office paper, cardboard, plastics, magazines, junk mail, etc.
  • Guns and ammunition
  • Pianos

Goodwill does not provide home pickup service, but we have a partnership with "ReSupply" a fee-based pickup service that will take your donation to a Goodwill of your choice. Select the Resupply Widget for more information.