7 Reasons Why It’s Cool to Shop at Goodwill

a woman is browsing through assorted styles of shirts and clothing on a rack in a shop

There are many reasons why you should choose to shop at a Goodwill donation center. Benefits range from finding new styles to supporting your community and more. You can also choose to make a clothing donation to your favorite Goodwill donation center. Here are seven top reasons why shopping at thrift stores is cool.

1. Try New Styles

There isn’t a better way to introduce new styles or try new designs than thrift shopping for clothes or decor. You may be unsure about trying a particular design, color, or trend. Thrift shopping is one of the best ways to try something new without paying high prices.

2. Variety of Items

Every clothing donation center has a wide variety of items that change frequently. You never know what you will find when you choose to thrift because every store’s inventory is different. Shopping at multiple stores gives you a bigger opportunity to find more things that you like. Start your thrifting journey by checking out donation centers like MERS Goodwill.

3. Save Money

Refresh your wardrobe for less by shopping at a resale center. You can search through the inventory and find new clothes, name-brand clothes, and vintage clothes. These items are always priced less than what you would find at a regular retail store.

4. More Than Clothes

Many thrift stores sell more than just clothing. Household items, toys, books, DVDs, small appliances, and furniture are all things that you might find. Some people even go antiquing for things like teacups or jewelry — you just have to know what you’re looking for.

5. Good for the Environment

Did you ever learn the phrase “reduce, reuse, and recycle”? When you shop at a donation center like Goodwill, you have a chance to do all three of those things. Thrift shopping lets you help the environment and benefit from buying some low-cost items.


Buying used items reduces the amount of waste that goes into the environment. It also prevents usable materials from ending up in landfills. This includes clothing, tools, and dishes.


Purchasing items of clothing from thrift shops means you are reusing things that someone else no longer wanted. The longer that items can be used and kept out of a landfill the better.


People who make donations to a donation store are actually recycling their clothes. You help complete the recycling process when you purchase items from resale shops.

6. Support Your Community

There are numerous ways that you can support your community when you shop at a donation center. Centers like MERS Goodwill help communities by providing different programs and services. Some of the programs offered include:

  • Training programs
  • Employment opportunities
  • HiSET classes
  • Work rehabilitation programs

These programs support our mission of “changing lives through the power of work.”

7. Make a Clothing Donation

When you decide to shop at a thrift store you may start to assess your own belongings. Pull together your clothing and other items that you no longer want, need, or use. Once you have everything together, deliver them to a donation center so they can be resold. MERS Goodwill can take and distribute your unneeded items to prospective buyers.

It’s Cool to Shop at Goodwill

Shopping at thrift stores means you can create a new wardrobe or get what you need to start your own trend. There’s nothing cooler than trying something out of your comfort zone or adding to your wardrobe while saving money, helping the environment, and supporting your community. For more information, visit MERS Goodwill. We have the resources to take belongings you no longer want and put them to good use.