When you donate and recycle your unneeded items to Goodwill, we make them available to your neighbors at affordable prices. The revenue that our 45 stores and attended donation centers earn is then invested in our community through a variety of programs and services including skills training courses and employment programs for those with disabilities or economic disadvantages. You can be confident that your donation to Goodwill is making a difference to improve the life of someone in your community!

Please note:

Goodwill graciously accepts your donations at any of our stores and donation centers, however, we are no longer accepting furniture items that are larger than 40″. 

Calculate the Impact of Your Donation

Your donations to MERS Goodwill create a triple benefit: personal savings, the ability you create for someone
to find a job or career, and the amount of goods you can potentially divert from landfills.

Accepted & Not Accepted Items

It’s hard for us to say “No Thank You” to a donation when our operating funds are realized through the sale of donated goods. However, some items are refused for very good reasons:  Items may may not be recyclable or contain hazardous waste and others cost more to transport, repair or refurbish than they can be sold for in our stores.

Our store managers may decline a donation if, in their judgment, it is not in clean and sellable condition.

Car Donation

Your vehicle donation to MERS Goodwill will benefit individuals by providing employment services and job placement programs for those with barriers to employment. MERS Goodwill served nearly 30,000 individuals in the bi-state area last year. The revenue from the sale of your vehicle stays local.