How To Donate A Car In Missouri: A Guide

how to donate a car


It’s fulfilling to make a difference in other people’s lives when you can. If you have an old vehicle that you no longer use, you can donate it to help support a local nonprofit organization. With a Goodwill car donation, you are directly helping improve the lives of needy women and men in your society. Your donation will fund programs that aim at improving the livelihood for those struggling with poverty and life-limiting disability.

Donating a car is a win-win situation; think about the freed space at your garage, peace of mind, and the tax benefits. If you don’t plan to go through the hassles of fixing or selling your vehicle, this is a convenient option. Do you want to know more about how to donate a car in Missouri? Please keep reading to gain more insight.

How The Donation Process Works

For those looking forward to knowing how to donate a car in Missouri, it is a super-fast and easy process. If you have a car or truck that you feel ready to part with, through the goodwill car donation, you can reach out to the company via phone. When calling, please ensure that you have the approximate mileage of your vehicle and a list of any damages or required repairs.

Furthermore, you can choose to use the online donation form to present the necessary information concerning your vehicle. You can download and email the auto donation packet. You will then receive a confirmation mail or letter to let you know that they have accepted your donation.

Missouri car donation charities go through all your information for verification. You will then receive a call to arrange a pickup. Even if your donation seems urgent, especially if the car is at the repair shop, or due to police order, the organization can plan for a rush pickup. The charity organization accept both non-working and working vehicles including

  • Trucks
  • Trailers
  • Cars
  • Vans
  • Boats

What Happens To The Vehicle After Donation?

If you are still following up on how to donate a car in Missouri, you probably wish to know how your vehicle assists the community. Once the Missouri car donation charities receive the contribution, they assess each vehicle and evaluate the conditions to ensure that they get the highest possible value. The good news is, this can help boost your federal income tax deductions.

Further, the firm delivers your car to the local dealer auctions for sale. They then use all the revenue generated from vehicle sales to fund their missions. Finally, you will receive an IRC approved receipt containing the sales information. It’s worth noting that you can use the letter as a charitable receipt for tax deduction purposes.

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Tax Benefits

Giving up your vehicle in the Missouri car donation charities can result in significant tax savings. The Goodwill car donation is a 501(c)(3) charity firm that allows you to claim tax deductions. Please note that you can calculate the contributions based on the car’s fair market value. Besides, you can base it on the amount the charity firm receives from the sale. Here is a guideline to help you know how to donate a car in Missouri and maximize your donation’s tax saving.

Find Out How Much The Charity Sold Your Car

You can use the amount of the goodwill car donation obtained from your sale as your deduction amount. For instance, if they sell it at $5,000, you will receive $5,000 deductions even if the market value is $5,500. However, if they sell it to a needy individual at a discount or keep it for the organization’s use, you will receive a tax deduction for its market value.

Consider The Vehicle’s Fair Market Value

It would be wise to use a reputable used car price guide to get an accurate value. You can do your research through the internet or local library, basing your calculations on the car model, make, and conditions.

Claim Your Deductions

Please note that if your car’s donation deductions are more than $500, you need to complete section A of IRS form 8283. Remember to attach your annual taxes. Additionally, if it’s valued over $250, present the written acknowledgment from the Missouri car donation charities.

Additionally, if it’s worth over $5,000, fill out the IRS form 8283 section B, with an independent appraisal. Further, please note that the documents obtained from the charitable organization should include your name, car identification number, donation date, and a description of the vehicle.

Transferring Your Vehicle Registration And Title

One of the most vital documents when donating your vehicle to Missouri car donation charities is the vehicle title. Although goodwill car donation will still process the arrangements even when you don’t have the title, this legal document makes the process more uncomplicated. Title transfer rules vary depending on the state, and you may want to call the organization for clarification. To further understand how to donate a car in Missouri, please check out the following title transfer requirements.

Clear The Title

Before giving out your vehicle in Missouri car donation charities, ensure that you have no liens placed against the vehicle. You may need to provide paperwork as proof of lien release.

Release The Title

You may also want to provide a signatory based on your state’s requirements. If you have various people listed on the vehicle’s title, they need to submit signatures to release the car to charity. Additionally, you can donate a car of a deceased individual based on the state. However, you need to avail of the death certificate, signed title, and executor rights paperwork.

Handle The License Plate

Please note that the Goodwill car donation won’t require your vehicle’s license plates. If you park your car at your home, you can remove them in preparations for pickup. However, if you park it on the street, you can leave the tags on for easier identification during pick up. On the other hand, you can remove them and leave a prominently displayed note, so that the city won’t tow your car.

Complete The Transferee Section

The final step in the process of how to donate a car in Missouri involves indicating the charitable organization’s name as the transferee. Indicate the firms’ address, and retain copies of the hand over documents. When you complete the transfer, the paperwork goes to the local DMV or the appropriate office based on the state.

Benefits Of Donating Your Old Car To Goodwill

Giving out your car to Missouri car donation charities will help create significant impacts on the community. Not everyone has the same opportunity in life, and the cash derived from your vehicle sale helps to offer service to the less privileged. Now that you have understood how to donate a car in Missouri, here are some benefits that you will enjoy.

It Creates A Sense Of Satisfaction

When you give out your car to Missouri car donation charities, it creates some fulfilling effects. Giving activates a feeling of pleasure, social connection, and trust, which provides you with a warm glow, keeping you happy and healthy. It’s one of the most selfless actions that you can take. Besides, it brings about a sense of pride as you support service to your friends and neighbors.

It’s A Simple And Easy Process

Following the above steps on how to donate a car in Missouri, it’s clear that you only need to make a simple phone call, and the organization does the rest. The goodwill car donation organization uses an auto-donation auction process, which makes the entire process even faster. It’s a straightforward process, and the firm handles all the paperwork, mailing, and pick up services.

You Will Avoid Negotiations With Dealers And Private Buyers

Selling your old car can be a challenging task, especially when you have to deal with multiple dealers or private buyers. By choosing to donate your vehicle, you will not hold those lengthy negotiations with dealers concerning the trade-in value. Besides, you don’t need to post newspaper adverts or show the car potential to multiple buyers. Further, the donation helps you avoid the stress associated with numerous bids and price negotiations.

It Reduces Maintenance And Repairs Costs

Donating is the easiest way to avoid constant and expensive vehicle repairs. The Missouri car donation charities accept cars both in running and non-running conditions. Instead of spending too much money to maintain a vehicle you no longer use, you can channel the funds to great use.

You Will Receive Tax Incentives

Goodwill car donations give you a chance to make substantial tax deductions. Within a few weeks, after the organization sells your car, you will receive a form indicating your deduction amount. Your car creates positive impacts that the IRS highly advocate for, and you will thus easily claim deductions on your itemized taxes.

You Will Enjoy Free Pick Up

The charity organization will collect the car at a convenient time and tow if for free. They will also pick the vehicle at any place, be it at home, shop, or other locations. It’s worth noting that you don’t necessarily have to be present during pick up, provided that you leave behind the keys.

You Provide Means Of Transport For The Organization

Provided that the car is in the right conditions, the firm can decide to use it to support their activities. Your vehicle will thus help them in donating food to the elderly, taking people to hospitals, among other charitable missions. Still, they can take them to vocational schools and other educational institutions to train mechanics.

It Helps You Get Rid Of Vehicles That Lack Proper Titles

At times, charity organizations can take vehicles with lost titles. However, they sell it in parts or for scrap purposes. Although it might reduce the deduction value, at least you can get it out of the streets driveways. Besides, you will avoid the expenses related to replacing the title.

Best Practices When Making Car Donations To A Charity

It’s hard to let go of your car since you may have a great connection and vast memories. However, giving it out to Missouri car donation charities is a great decision. Therefore, you might want to ensure that you enjoy maximum tax benefits, and your vehicle raises funds for the intended charitable purpose. Here are various tips to guide you on how to donate a car in Missouri in the best possible way.

Choose A Charity Organization From Your Local Area That Accepts Your Car Directly

It would be best to avoid intermediaries who claim to offer donations to charity organizations. Most of the time, they give the organization a mere fraction of your car’s value. Pick an organization like the goodwill car donation that directly takes your contributions. Besides, you will feel more fulfilled knowing that your donation benefits a specific group of people in your local area.

Pick A Tax-Exempt Organization

Please do in-depth research before donating through an organization, especially if you are looking forward to enjoying some tax benefits. Confirm the firm’s status and ensure that the recipient is a 501 (c) (3) organization.

Protect Yourself From Future Liabilities

Ensure that you have an acknowledgment letter that indicates the sale transfer information of the vehicle. It will help you avoid future liabilities like parking tickets or in case of an accident. Besides, when filling in the title information, never leave any blank spaces for someone else to fill. You can also cancel the insurance until your name gets cleared out of the title to avoid legal issues.

Understand IRS Rules For Car Donations

You can choose to consult a tax professional to understand further the details of your car tax deductions. Besides, it would be wise to save receipts for other upgrades on the vehicle to verify its worth. Also, make sure that you get the accurate market value for your car. Keep in mind that you may incur penalties if the IRS finds out that you provided an inaccurate car value.


If you have bought a new car and are still unsure of what to do with the old one, giving it out to Missouri car donation charities is a great option. Besides saving on time and hassles involved in selling your car, you will contribute to a worthy cause in society. The above piece provides a detailed guideline on how to donate a car in Missouri to help you make an informed decision.