The Benefits of Supporting the MERS Goodwill Community

Goodwill community

Support Your Community by Donating to Goodwill

MERS Goodwill is a non-profit organization, or a charity organization if you will, that helps create training opportunities and employment for those in desperate need. With well over 60 career centers in full operation, the MERS Goodwill community has dramatically improved the capacity to offer vocational services to more people, training them to become the best in the fields they choose to pursue.

Besides vocational training, the Better Business Bureau Accredited charity organization also played an instrumental role in helping trained but unemployed individuals find jobs without the hustle that comes with it. And that brings us to the question of the day: Are there any benefits that come with supporting MERS Goodwill? The answer is yes, and some of these reasons are listed below:

Improving the standards of living

A community with a high level of employment among its adult population has a much higher likelihood to have a much better living standard compared to one with high levels of unemployment. Therefore, choosing to support MERS Goodwill will most certainly increase their capacity to accommodate and help more people, whether they are untrained or are trained and unemployed, to start earning a decent living.

As earlier mentioned, the charity organization offers its members with skill training courses focused on different disciplines. After they’ve graduated from these programs, the now trained individuals will then be assisted to find jobs, earn a living, and become members of the society. Again, any donations you contribute will make it possible for the MERS Goodwill community to increase their capacity to train and send even more people into the workforce and by doing so, improving their living standards.

Charity is good for your health.

Unknown to most people, the act of giving and expecting nothing in return always has a positive impact on the giver’s health and general well being. Researchers at the University of Tennessee and John’s Hopkins University discovered that doing charitable activities within your community can automatically reduce your stress levels. They also concluded that those who engage in the act of giving regularly have a much higher chance of having low blood pressure as opposed to those who don’t.

Therefore, it’s safe to expect to experience the same health-related benefits every time you donate at MERS Goodwill. The knowledge that your small donation went a long way in making it possible for someone to either get trained or find a job, or both, will surely light your day up. On top of that, you’ll not be under any pressure to give any amount, meaning you’ll decide on giving whatever you’re most comfortable with, which is very convenient.

It’ll make your neighborhood safer.

Ever heard of the dictum “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop”? Many unemployed people in our community turn to crime because of two things. One, they are too idle or two, they are also desperate to make ends meet. Therefore, taking part in a charity as noble as MERS Goodwill makes you an active crusader in the eradication of criminal activities in your community.

If anything, most criminal minded individuals are willing to turn on a new leaf whenever there’s an alternative way of making money without risking jail time or death. Moreover, if MERS Goodwill continues to create more opportunities for the unemployed in society, then you can always expect the crime levels within your neighborhood to drop drastically, which is still a good thing.

That said, besides giving regular donations towards the MERS Goodwill, you can also do one better by spreading the word about the charity. By doing so, more unemployed people who are interested in turning their lives around can head out to the nearest center and find better ways to start earning a decent living.

You’ll become satisfied.

Unfortunately, satisfaction is a feeling that’s not as common as it should be. This is the case because we’ve been trained to associate pleasure as the feeling we get when we realize we have more than others, which is entirely wrong. Satisfaction is the result of being content with the little we have. When you are satisfied with what you have, it’ll feel even better sharing it with others. However, it all starts with taking the time to appreciate what they already have.

Life gets a little easier when you start counting your blessings, and that’s what contributing to MERS Goodwill is all about. The act of giving either money or belongings you don’t need for an excellent cause will be a constant reminder of the blessings you already have. Moreover, when you’re constantly being reminded of all the good things you’ve been blessed with in life, you won’t have the time to get jealous of your peers who seem to have more than you.

Through giving regularly, you’ll also learn that in life, we are all blessed despite the different ways our blessings are manifested. That said, if you ever feel like you are lagging in life, try contributing a dollar towards MERS Goodwill non-profit organization and watch your life transforming for the better. Chances are you’ll feel so blessed to the point of becoming a constant contributor with time.

The act of giving will bring meaning to your life

You have ever heard of people who make millions but still feel empty inside? Well, the truth is, having something in excess automatically makes it feel worthless. The same happens when speaking about material possessions. That’s why making regular donations to charities such as MERS brings meaning back to your life, especially if you have more money than you can spend. You can always start small and work your way up with time.

The moment you see what your donations are doing to change other peoples’ lives for the better is the moment you’ll have a renewed perspective in life. You’ll stop taking things for granted as well as have a brand new reason to wake up every morning to do something constructive with your life. If you don’t have enough money to make scheduled contributions, feel free to volunteer. You might have a useful skill set that can be passed on through teaching others for free.

To enroll as a volunteer, you’ll have to visit one of the MERS centers physically or make a formal application online. Its also important to note that you can volunteer either full-time or part-time job, depending on whatever is most convenient to you. The moment you step into one of their classes and teach, you’ll automatically feel fulfilled in life. So if that feeling won’t elevate your soul, I’m afraid nothing else will.

Tax deductions

As an IRS-approved charity organization, donating to MERS regularly can have a positive impact on your tax returns. So, the more you give, the more funds will be legally deducted from your general taxable amount every year. Even though you are only required to provide the amount you are comfortable with, giving more will come with many more incentives.

However, before you get into the tax deduction and other related calculations, you’ll need to carry out your research so you can do it the right way. The best place to start is the IRS page. You can also find useful information about the relationship between tax deductibility and charitable activities from ‘The Life You Can Save’ page.

You’ll become a better manager of your money.

Whenever you make a habit of sacrificing so that someone else can get another chance at life, you’ll automatically feel responsible for them. The latter explains why you’ll become a better manager of your finances, especially if you choose to be making scheduled donations towards MERS. These donations may be made monthly, weekly, or fortnightly, depending on whatever is most convenient to you.

To make sure you aren’t defaulting on the regular donations, you’ll find yourself taming your impulse buying as well as any other forms of irresponsible spending you might be harboring. You’ll also start managing your spending with the urgency and maturity it needs, only catering to your bills, food, transportation, and other miscellaneous. You’re also likely to start looking out for investment opportunities so that you can increase your capacity for giving.

You’ll become more generous.

Generosity is a rare gift, especially in this day and age. Also, being generous has a unique way of making people feel whole and fulfilled. Despite being a natural trait in humans, many people are still finding it difficult to give because of hard economic times. However, these being hard times is precisely why we need more generous people like yourself coming out of the woodwork and donating to an excellent course.

As earlier mentioned, you don’t have to make a monetary contribution towards MERS for your generosity to be felt. For instance, if you’ve just bought brand new pillows and don’t know what to do with your old ones, you can always reach out to the nearest MERS donation center and drop them off. No questions asked. Your old pillows will be repurposed and sold off, earning someone a living in the process.

The environment will be cleaner.

There are many ways you can keep the clean environment courtesy of MERS. One of these ways is through donating household items you don’t need. As previously mentioned, you can give your used furniture or clothing instead of disposing of them. This is because most of the household items are capable of contaminating the environment, especially if they are left exposed to the elements. Many people enjoy the thrill of thrifting and creating something new out of someone else’s no longer wanted items. Not only does it keep our landfills emptier, but it creates a community pride in being able to be resourceful and repurpose what we already have access to.

In case of any doubts, you can always get in touch with any MERS office and politely ask if they can get the items off your hands. Of course, you could sell the items elsewhere. However, when you donate them to MERS, someone else will have their dreams come true, which is the whole point of giving in the first place.

You’ll automatically become a hard worker.

Besides feeling grand every time you donate, you’ll also find yourself working harder, especially in your profession. Donating gives you a great sense of joy but also gratitude for what you have. So when you work harder to make sure that others have another chance at life, you’ll slowly start to realize that your life will be improving as well.

Being able to have a job that you can take pride in and feel accomplished in is a dream most people have. When donating to a charity like MERS Goodwill, you are helping to make that dream come true for someone else out there who might not have access to the resources otherwise. 

You’ll set a great example

Whether you are aware of it or not, being a donor at MERS will help you set a good example not only for your children but for society at large. When you are seen doing good, chances are others will follow suit. And the more people contribute towards an excellent course, the better the world will eventually become.

However, the admiration of others should never be the reason for your making donations. Instead, donate because you are genuinely interested in seeing others succeed in life. When we have a community around us that supports one another in whatever way possible, the positive impact can hardly be quantified. 


There are more benefits associated with supporting the MERS Goodwill non-profit organization and the community, some of which have been written above. So since there isn’t a limit as to what you might give, feel free to donate whichever amount you are most comfortable with giving. Any donation is accepted in MERS Goodwill, be it money, old clothes or used pieces of furniture.

You can also do the non-profit organization some good by spreading the word, especially to unemployed individuals who might require their services. Spreading the word about the MERS Goodwill organization, coupled with your regular contributions, you will help society become a much better place. You can also inform some friends so that they too can contribute to this remarkably fantastic organization that’s geared towards making the world a better place.