3 Easy DIY Home Decorating Hacks with Tablecloths

How many times have you thought about redecorating your home, and your first idea involved a tablecloth? Probably not too many times, right?

The common tablecloth is often overlooked as a decorating item because few people use them. However, tablecloths have many different uses and can spruce up a home for little to no cost!

Here are three easy DIY projects using tablecloths that you can do for your home:

1. Tablecloth Festive Christmas Light Garland

What you’ll need: Plastic decorative mesh (red, green, and gold), Christmas styled plastic tablecloth, indoor/outdoor Christmas light strand, scissors

First, lay your strand of lights out – completely unrolled – on a flat surface. Take your decorative mesh and scissors, and cut the mesh into 12 inch strips. Then, cut each strip in half (down the middle of the mesh) so that each piece is only 1.5 inches wide instead of 3 inches wide.

Repeat a similar process with the plastic cloth by cutting the cloth into 1.5 inch wide strips. When you have the strips cut width wise, cut each strip to be 12 inches long, just like the decorative mesh.

The last step is to knot the mesh and cloth strips between the light bulbs in the strand. In order to get the best results, alternate the different colors of mesh and the cloth.

2. Tablecloth Shower Curtain

What you’ll need: Attractive Plastic/vinyl tablecloth, IKEA curtain ring clips, Clear plastic shower liner

This DIY is very simple! First, take your table cloth into your bathroom and hold the cloth vertically from the pole to the floor. (If the cloth extends past the floor, you can use scissors to cut the extra length off.)

Next, lay the cloth on top of the plastic liner so that the top (or viewable) portion of the table cloth faces away from the plastic. Take the curtain rings and attach the clips along the top side of the tablecloth, thus clipping the cloth and plastic together.

Take down the curtain rod and thread the rod through the curtain rings. When finished, the pattern of the tablecloth should face away from the shower, the plastic curtain should be on the inside of the shower (and tuck that into the bath tub), and your new shower curtain should breathe new life into your bathroom!

3. Tablecloth Window Curtain

What you’ll need: Holiday tablecloth, tension rod

For this DIY, you shouldn’t need to use scissors or glue to create a fun, holiday curtain. Start with your holiday tablecloth neatly folded (handkerchief style) on a flat surface. Take the tension rod and extend it in your window to the appropriate length, and then set the tension rod on the flat surface with the cloth.

Fold the cloth by bringing the handkerchief tip towards the longest side of the triangle so that the tip sticks out about a foot past the long side. Next, fold the outside corners in towards the center of the tablecloth. Slide the tension rod in between the main fold, and then bring the re-purposed curtain over to the window.

You can continue to adjust the edges and the folds until your new curtain lays just the way you want it to!