How to Make a Book Donation

Making a book donation to MERS Goodwill gives the gift of knowledge to someone who may not otherwise have that learning opportunity.

Not only is the book donation process easy, but book donations also benefit the person making the donation.

The Book Donation Process

The process of donating a book resembles other donation methods. Whether you wish to clean out a closet, garage, or shelf, the first step in every donation process involves getting rid of unnecessary clutter in your home or apartment.

When considering making a donation, most people don’t typically think of books or utensils as useful items to donate. However, books and book ends, kitchen appliances or utensils, and other miscellaneous items that have taken up residence on a shelf or in a drawer usually heavily contribute to in-home clutter. These items actually make great donation pieces!

Acceptable Donation Items

After cleaning out and de-cluttering your home, sort through the items that qualify as possible donation pieces. If you aren’t entirely sure which items do and do not qualify for donation, look at our Items We Cannot Accept page.

Finding a Donation Center

The next step in the book donation process involves finding a donation center close to your home. The St. Louis area and surrounding towns have over 50 donations centers! So if you wish to find one near you, visit our Locations page.

When you find a designated donation location close by, you can then box up your books and other acceptable items and drop them off at the donation center. If you wish to receive a receipt for your contribution, let the workers at the donation center know and you can use your donation as a tax write off.

Why your Book Donation Matters

Donating your items makes it possible for MERS Goodwill to offer those items to others in the community at affordable prices. Each donation you make helps your community as MERS Goodwill uses the profits and materials from the donation to train and educate others.

Keeping an unused or unopened book on your shelf is like taking away a possible adventure from someone. Give the gift of adventure to someone when you donate your books.