Choosing MERS Goodwill

There are so many reasons why you should choose MERS Goodwill as your donation center.

In addition to the many environmental benefits, donating to MERS Goodwill makes an impact on others around you, including helping out your community and people in need.

Helping the Community

One of the most impactful missions that Goodwill has is its program to rehabilitate and prepare individuals to find jobs in the workforce. Many people who suffer from disabilities or anxiety, have recently escaped an abusive situation, and others who are learning a new trade or trying to go back to work do not have the necessary training for the specific field that they want to work in.

Unfortunately, the people who want to go to work are unable to do so because their designated job field does not train inexperienced or disabled workers. MERS Goodwill set about changing that, and it has since become one of the most beneficial programs for the organization.

MERS Goodwill has helped rehabilitate, train, find employment, and maintain employment opportunities for those looking for work. The Placement services at our organization have helped train and place hundreds of thousands of people in jobs, and your donation makes this training a possibility.

Training at MERS Goodwill

One of the best ways to train someone is through using hands-on experience. We offer many different services and opportunities for apprentices to come in and develop practical, hands-on working experience. After the trainees develop their skills, MERS then offers individualized learning strategies and personal skill evaluations to help the trainees determine their correct job path.

Continuing Education

Another program that your donations fund is our community resource opportunities. In addition to the job-skill development programs, MERS assists people to attain their GED by offering GED classes, childcare, medical care, and information about other community resources available to the trainees in the area.

Your donation makes these opportunities possible, and you can see how your donation makes a difference by visiting our Donate MERS Goodwill page. Choosing MERS Goodwill is more than choosing a place to donate your excess household items; it’s a choice that helps other people get their lives back.