Tips for Donating: Tax Deductions and Accidental Donations

With a new year comes new donation opportunities and in 2015, MERS Goodwill surpassed 1.4 million donations — that means a lot of tax deductions for our donors! We want to thank those who donated and we hope to keep the momentum going this year.

When preparing to donate, check out our guidelines  to ensure your items can be accepted. Before you drop off your donations to one of our 42 retail locations, be sure to clean and check items thoroughly. Check inside pockets, shoes and items such as purses or furniture.  Over the years, Goodwill employees find many items that are assumed, “accidental donations”, such as money. While MERS Goodwill works hard to return these items to their rightful owners, double checking your donations might save you in the long run.

Once you donate, you will receive a receipt for tax deductions. Keep this information in a safe place until April 2017 to receive a deduction on your annual taxes. Giving to Goodwill not only helps the community, but yourself as well!

We are excited to start a new year and hope that our donors are continuing to tidy up and declutter. Also remember that by shopping at Goodwill, you are giving back to your community. The revenue from Goodwill retail stores funds the many programs that MERS Goodwill offers to those in the community with disabilities and barriers to employment.