A Spooky Approach: Last Minute Halloween Doorway Ideas

Halloween pumpkins and decorations outside a house

All right, you guys. Halloween is just around the corner. You’ve probably put some time into your costume, but if you’re staying home and socially distant, have you considered setting the scene on your porch or in your front yard? Since kids these days get candy for nearly every holiday (in their Easter baskets, for…

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Easy DIY Amulet for Halloween

image of a DIY costume jewelry amulet

“…By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes!” It’s almost October, which means that ghouls and goblins are stirring about, plotting their approach. How will you protect yourself? If you’re ready to jump into the Halloween spirit, an amulet can summon sanctuary to protect you against ill will. Whether the costume you’re…

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DIY “Zombie Cooler”

DIY zombie biohazard cooler costume prop

Celebrate Halloween and #ZombieWeek by creating a DIY ‘Zombie Cooler’. Give your thrift find a spooky upgrade in just a few steps! Start with a few fun ‘Biohazard’ print outs (zombie-cooler print). Cut up your selected collection of warnings and start thinking about your layout. Apply your printed designs with dishwasher-safe Mod Podge® (for added…

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DIY Sanderson Sisters-Inspired Witch’s Broom

Hocus Pocus is my all-time favorite seasonal movie! Once I came to this realization, I was desperate to craft something witchy for my Halloween costume this year. Since anyone who has seen the magical movie knows it’s easy to lose track of a broomstick, I figured I’d do a little DIY breakdown of how the…

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DIY Cross-Stitched Skull Tee-Shirt

image of cross stitched skull tshirt supplies

Raise your hand if you don’t plan to build an elaborate Halloween costume this year, despite all the extra time at home! Don’t worry — we’re ready to help! Here’s one quick and easy nod to All Hallows’ Eve that could be a festive fit for a virtual work or school spirit day: A cross-stitched…

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3 Vintage Costume Themes To Look For This Halloween

As well as being fun, shopping for vintage looks can bring you an authentic costume for Halloween made up of truly unique pieces to integrate into your regular wardrobe during the other 364 days of the year. With donations pouring in from homes across the U.S. and Canada, at Goodwill® it’s super easy to track…

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Enter our Halloween Costume Contest to Win $200!

Did you purchase some of your DIY Halloween costume from a local Goodwill store? Now through October 31, we are accepting photo contest submissions on our Facebook page! Post a photo of what you made and you could win a $200 Visa Gift Card! Hold up your receipt to show your friends your bargain! How…

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3 Adorable DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween provides kids and adults with an opportunity to get creative and come up with fun costumes! With so many costume possibilities, it may seem a bit overwhelming to find one costume that fits your style and your budget. Although large, super center stores have costume sections with pre-made costumes, they can be slightly more…

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