Community Employment Services

Job Placement Services

This program assists individuals with barriers to employment in finding the best job match, taking into consideration interests, skills, and abilities, and using an individualized service plan. Participants are paired with an Employment Specialist for weekly meetings to create a resume, master application, references, and cover letter, in addition to networking with employers, practicing interview skills, and other necessities for finding and keeping a job.

Employment Services are offered at all Career Center locations.

Jewish Community Employment Services

Are you looking for a new position?  Jewish Community Employment Services is ready to help!   We provide local networking, resume creation and review, career counseling, and job placement assistance to the Jewish community.  Located at MERS Goodwill’s Career Center in Brentwood and supported by the Jewish Federation, this free service will put you back in the workforce.

Don’t get stuck—get hired!
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Missouri Work Assistance

Provides employment related services in 60 counties in Missouri to individuals who are receiving Temporary Assistance cash benefits from FSD. Participants are provided with vocational counseling, job readiness training, job placement assistance, and supportive services.

Please contact us for contact and referral information.

WIOA Youth Program

Provides youth with support exploring careers, work experience, group education, job development and placement services. Sites are located in Jefferson and Franklin Counties in Missouri; and in the Illinois counties of Bond and Madison.

Please contact us for contact and referral information.  Services are offered Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

ACCESS Program

This program assists individuals who are survivors of intimate partner violence with employment.  This program is offered through the Lippman Center by referral only.  Contact us for referral and program information.

WIOA Adult and Dislocated Worker Program

Workforce programs for adults who are financially eligible (i.e. receiving public assistance) or who have been dislocated as a result of a layoff.  These programs are managed by MERS Goodwill in Jefferson and Franklin Counties in Missouri, in partnership with the Office of Job Training Programs.  Staff are located in the Arnold and Washington Job Centers.  Services include career counseling and plan development with additional possible support such as workshops, skills training, tuition support, work experience, or on the job training.

Services are offered Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Please contact Trish Davids for information. 

Transition from School to Work

This program provides high school students with disabilities the skill and work experiences to prepare them for successful employment and service linkages after graduation.  This program is offered at all Career Center locations.  Contact a Career Center office closest to you for referral or private pay information.