Start Your Back-To-School Shopping

Find back-to-school needs like clothes, shoes, book bags, school supplies and so much more!

back-to-school shopping

Summer is slowly coming to an end so let the back-to-school shopping begin. For some parents, back-to-school shopping is a nightmare. From buying new clothes to a new book bag, the prices can add up quickly. But parents can now look to Goodwill for their shopping bargains!

While shopping for back-to-school supplies, keep in mind these 5 tips to help you stay on budget and pick up everything you need in one stop!


Planning or making a list of items you need will help you stay on budget. It’s easy to get side tracked while shopping so planning out a list will minimize distractions and keep you on track for purchasing what you need.

Tip #2: Check Daily Deals

Before you begin your shopping trip, take a minute to check out our daily deals. You can find out our daily deals by visiting the sales page on our website, Facebook page, or Twitter account. Daily deals are a great way to save even more money, so take advantage of that when you can!

Tip #3: Take Your Time

Rushing through the aisles might seem like the fast way to shop, but you might miss out on good deals or walk right by something on your list! And there’s nothing worse than getting home and realizing you forgot something. Save yourself the extra trip and stress and take as much time as you need to comb through the aisles and get everything you can at one stop.

Tip #4: Shop for Every Seasonal

While most retail stores are running low on summer items, Goodwill has clothes for every season so shop for every season! Pick up a pair of snow boots, or a rain jacket for a much lower price now.

Tip #5: Accessorize

Don’t forget to shop accessories! Spice up some outfits with different jewelry or a new belt. Accessories can add flare to a simple look and completely change the outfit.

These five tips are sure to help anyone with back-to-school shopping and enjoyable for the whole family!