4 Simple and Thrifty Ways to Brighten Up Your Home for Spring

Spring is a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be. The change from winter to spring often lifts our spirits and gives us a sense of freedom and empowerment in our upcoming endeavors.

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Why not begin your next joyous journey right where you are? Embrace the gorgeous changes that this spring has in store with easy DIYs and thrifty finds for your home.

“Life should be Chic, Glamorous, and Colorful – And so should your home.”  – Jonathan Adler

Spring is the season of growing. What better way to celebrate new life than filling your home with colorful spring flowers and vibrant greenery. Shop your local Goodwill for popular thrift store items that can double as stunning in-home planters. Use these simple DIY projects to easily create a gorgeous garden oasis in your home.

Create an eye-catching hanging planter out of a vintage bunt cake pan from Goodwill. Use your planter to hold your flowers and plants or your fresh fruits and veggies. Make a statement with your new up-cycled planter either indoors or outdoors. Visit BootsNGus’s Up-cycled Bunt Cake Planter on Etsy for easy DIY inspiration!

Succulent picture frame planters are another great addition to a spring inspired home! Shadow box frames or fairly deep picture frames are perfect for planting succulents and are a steal at Goodwill. Paint your picture frame planter in any color you want and arrange your succulent cuttings in any pattern you desire. Follow these simple steps from Cheesehead Gardening to build yourself a perfect picture frame succulent planter.

Terrarium planters are a growing trend right now and a “must add” to any modern home. Just like other modern trends, terrarium planters can be difficult to acquire and are often rather pricy. However, Kathy The Budget Decorator created a West Elm planter lookalike for just $2.00 using thrift store finds! A fishbowl style vase and a short candlestick base are both easy finds when thrift shopping. Your new fishbowl terrarium will be sure to turn heads and give your home a contemporary pop.

Making your own planters to showcase the beauty of spring is simple and a huge money saver. There is an abundance of floral and plant décor ideas online to help you bring life into your home.

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Eclectic Dining Table Décor and Playful Place Settings – “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well.”


Hosting a spring gathering in your home or looking to brighten your dining space? Create a blossoming fine dining experience in your own home with easy thrift store finds. Collecting various vintage dining furniture, dishes, and other dining room décor essentials is the first step in creating a one of a kind dining and entertainment setting that is completely your own and unique to your home.

Play with different colors and patterns and mix and match styles to brighten up your dining area.  Mismatched chairs and bright paint colors around the dining table are the recent trends in modern decorating. Luckily, mismatched thrift store tables and chairs make the perfect dining setting. Picking out a variety of dining chairs at Goodwill is easy. Just choose the styles that you love for your home then pick a lovely spring inspired paint color scheme, anything from pastels to vibrant neon hues! Mixing and matching dining furniture and colors is an exciting and simple way to express your own unique style. Eleni at myparadissi.com will help you mix and match styles and colors and create your perfect spring dining space.

Another great way to express your own personal style around the dinner table is through mixing and matching dinnerware and table settings. You can find a wide variety of thrifty vintage China at your local Goodwill in numerous patterns and colors. Take a look at *Wit & Delight blog spot for inspiration!

Your in-home dining and entertaining experience is never complete without a stylish mini bar! Be the ultimate host at your next party with a vintage suitcase mini bar. Shopping at Goodwill has many perks, especially this one! Styling a Goodwill vintage luggage into a pop up bar is extremely easy and fun! All you need is to find the perfect entertainment area in your home to keep your mini luggage bar. Your pop up bar will provide easy and unique storage for your bottles and mixers and it makes it simple to entertain guests without having to dig into the cabinets. Add colorful wallpaper prints, a mirror, or even a vintage record as the backdrop for the open suitcase bar. Party season isn’t ready for style like this!

Living, lounging, dining, and entertaining are meant to be done in style. Follow the pros for further ideas to brighten up your living space with bold colors and patterns.

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Milk Glass Storage and Vintage Linens Pour Les Toilettes“Wash Your Worries Away.”


Bathe in the fresh floral aromas of spring. Your bathroom décor should be refreshing, relaxing, and restorative. You can never go wrong with creamy vintage pieces and bohemian vintage linens.

Milk glass storage containers are an easy find at any Goodwill location and they can be found in numerous styles and sizes making them perfect for storing your bathroom and vanity items. Display milk glass containers of various styles on a silver or mirrored tray to add that extra pop of chic style. Sarah Richardson Designs added bright spring colors of orange and pink with her milk glass containers in her vanity area. SF Girl By Bay uses milk glass containers along with other vintage finds to create a modern bohemian look. Store cotton balls, cotton swabs, makeup brushes, cosmetics, soaps, and more. The possibilities of decorating with milk glass containers are endless.

Give your bathroom a beautiful window treatment with classic vintage linens from your local Goodwill. Hang a thrift shop lace linen curtain in the window to give your bathroom a romantic boho aesthetic. Lace is not the only type of vintage linen, however, that makes a statement in your bathroom window. Thrift stores have a large supply of linens with different colors and patterns so you will be able to find the perfect fit for your room. Continue the inspiration with Rose Hip at bloglovin.com.

There are always different touches that can be added to a space to complete your ideal spring look. Get superb bathroom decorating advice from today’s décor experts. Your bathroom is well on its way to a full spring makeover!

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Mirrors and Candlelight“Your true nature is luminous.”


See yourself in a new light. It’s forever been said that the small things matter most. That is the truth when it comes to decorating. Mirrors and candles are the simple essential décor must haves for the season of growing.

Treasure can really be anything that sparks an interest and brings about excitement. However, an old vintage area mirror is always gold. A full size Goodwill area mirror is an amazing find and will light up any room. Leave the mirror exactly how it is or be creative with painting and easy DIY projects to give your new mirror a little bit of your personality. A large painted mirror will easily bring out the colors of Spring and its perfect for any room of the house.

Small hanging mirrors are also a perfect statement piece for any room. You can group together mirrors of different shapes and styles to create an eclectic mirror statement wall. Or use one mirror as a single statement piece to complete a small area or room. Charlotte O’Shea with Rock My Style hung a thrift store sailor’s mirror to the wall to create a unique beauty station. Reflect on the changes of the new season with decorative antique mirrors!

Brighten your home this spring with vintage teacup candles! Collect various teacups and saucers from thrift stores and use this simple DIY to craft the most elegant teacup candle for your home.

You can also use a collection of different sized candlesticks to brighten a room and create a wondrous lighting dynamic. Michael Wurm Jr. of Inspired by Charm crafted an arrangement of paint dipped brass candlesticks using shiny gold paint and a variety of blue and green pastels. Gold and brass are back again and brighter than ever! Spring is the perfect time to embrace the trend!

Tip: Place candles in front of a wall mirror or on top of a mirrored tray for an extra decorative touch and enhanced reflections of light.

Decorating with mirrors and candles can make all the difference in a home. With these two objects you have complete creative freedom to make the space your own. Search the web for more ideas and tips on how to use mirrors and candles to liven up your spring inspired home. The possibilities are forever.

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Springtime brings new growth all around us. We weed out the bad in order to make room for something beautiful. Why not start spring cleaning at home? We’ve listed even more home décor ideas to add the life of spring to your home. A little more inspiration will never hurt. Let your home inspire you to take on the world.

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There are no limits when it comes to home décor. You have the freedom to decorate your home however you want to fit your own personal style. You can modernize thrift store items or keep vintage classic. Mix and match styles, colors and patterns, or stick to one simple theme. Be a minimalist or a treasure hoarder. It’s all up to you and it’s important that your choices reflect your personal style because every choice you make is a representation of who you are. Your home should be very uniquely you!

Just like spring… “Our home should be life giving and soul refreshing, a soft spot to land on a hard day and a beautiful place to recharge and rejuvenate.” – Melissa Michaels