Elegance and Savings: Dreamy Goodwill Deals for Your Wedding Day


Shopping for your wedding at the Goodwill?

While the Goodwill may not be the first thought to pop into your mind when he pops the question, MERS Goodwill is home to a variety of wedding essentials from decorations to tables and tableware.

Wedding season is fast approaching, and the growing average costs to share nuptials is reaching over $25,000. While wedding planners push to spend all of your money on every small detail, savers know they can find deals on the minor stuff so more money can be used for big ticket items like the dress or venue.

Not sure where to start? Follow our tips for how to shop for your wedding at the Goodwill:

Plan Your Theme and Matching Colors

Goodwill is home to thousands of unique and useful items. But when it comes to shopping for a specific event like a wedding, all the options can overwhelm the bride and groom. This is why the biggest part of your wedding plan should take place before you ever step foot in the store. Sit down and think about the colors/theme of your wedding. Think of a main, anchor color and two to three accent colors. Consider how your colors will complement your venue, wedding party attire, and the time of day or season.

Make a List and Stick to it

Now the real fun begins. Once you have your color ideas in mind, make a list for all the wedding day standard items. Traditional wedding items include:

Curtains and sheers – Transparent curtains can add an ethereal ambiance to a wedding. For indoor weddings, they can soften artificial light. For outside weddings, curtains hung along railings and porches add more depth and color. They can also provide necessary shade for afternoon ceremonies.

Flowers – A wedding isn’t a wedding without flowers. From table center pieces to accenting chairs, smartly placed flowers showcase your wedding’s color theme. As beautiful as they are, real flowers can be expensive (especially since they don’t last long!). According to womangettingmarried.com, flowers for the entire wedding can cost up to $1,575. For ceremony, reception, and outside buds consider buying silk flowers from the Goodwill.


Lighting – The right lighting can make or break your wedding. But you don’t have to let this wedding must-have break the bank. You can find all types of lights in great condition at the Goodwill.  Light strings create a special touch of wonder as your guests enter the reception area. With an outdoor wedding, properly place light strings make sure you and your guests can party well into the evening and make for romantic photography.

Table decor and more – A place for everything, and everything in its place. While this is great life advice, it also applies to your table settings. But decorating each and every table with table clothes, candles, and vases can add up quickly. Instead of shopping at the department store, go to the Goodwill to find one-of-a-kind table decorations.

Frames are another wedding must have that can add up quickly. Stock up on these items to showcase old and new pictures of you and your soon to be spouse.

Customize Your Wedding Items

If you don’t find the exact item on your wedding list, take this opportunity to channel your inner DIY maven. There are hundreds of Pinterest boards and YouTube tutorials on how to make your dream wedding a reality with basic items. If your vases are not the right color, grab some paint and roll up your sleeves (just not in your wedding dress of course).

You may not find every single item you need at the Goodwill, but smart shopping can save you hundreds of dollars on popular wedding day necessities. Save money and enjoy your perfect wedding day!