Valentine’s Day 2017: Share the Love With Fun and Romantic Ideas

Valentine’s Day is a special day full of love, romance, and fun ideas.

In 2016 alone, lovers spent almost 20 billion dollars on Cupid’s favorite day.

How can you and your loved ones enjoy the fun of the season without breaking the bank? Nothing says “I love you” like getting inspired from our Valentine’s Day Idea List:

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Romantic Ideas For Couples

Whether it is your first Valentine’s Day together as a couple or you’ve been together for years, spending the night on the town can be on the pricey side. There’s making the reservations, braving the crowds, flowers, wine, and anything else a night out might bring.

Instead of going out, consider a night in for Valentine’s. You’ll skip the annoying crowds and madness for a quiet, sentimental evening alone. Stop by your Goodwill to find supplies to set the romantic mood at home.  Goodwill carries a range of Valentine’s Day décor from candles to plates and other housewares.

Fill your dining room with by decorating with mason cards to hold lit candles for a soft glow. Buy matching champagne flutes to toast to your special someone in style. You might even find that one of a kind gift like an oversized teddy bear or silver locket. Start shopping at your Goodwill now to find the best items before they are gone.

While enjoying a quiet evening at home, February 14th is a perfect time to spend quality time bonding. While you’re at the Goodwill, stop by the movie section to find an old childhood classic or a big-hit romantic movie to watch together. If you and your sweetheart have a competitive side, find a board game like Monopoly or Scrabble to keep the night exciting.

No matter what you do, remember to relax and cherish this special time with your sweetheart.              


Valentine’s Day Fun With Friends

If you’re spending Valentine’s Day out with friends or coworkers, don’t worry! You can still enjoy a thrifty day or night out. Start with your outfit. You don’t have to be covered head to toe in red and white. Shop the Goodwill to find a steal on your Valentine’s Day outfit.

For the workplace, find a cherry red blouse or pair of shoes to showcase the holiday colors. If you have evening plans, feel free to turn up the volume on your ensemble. You can find a beautiful red dress or skirt so all eyes are on you.

Want a unique Valentine’s Day gift for your friends or family? Leave the boring chocolate at the convenience store and find cute trinkets to funny gag gifts to show how much you care.

Special Activities and Treats for the Kids

Don’t forget to show your love for the little ones. Whether you’re a busy parent or teacher keep the kids busy by letting them design their own Valentine’s Day cards. Goodwill has tons of paper, craft, and art supplies to keep kids entertained for hours. Encourage your child’s creativity and let them take charge of their Valentine’s Day cards. Look out for beads, paints, construction paper, and more on your next Goodwill trip.

From romantic evenings at home to spending time with the family, Goodwill can help you make the most of this Valentine’s Day.