Happy Holidays from MERS Goodwill

Happy holidays!

The holiday season is full of wonderful traditions. These traditions include festive parties, spending time with loved ones and lots of delicious food. Why not start a new holiday tradition with your family that will add extra holiday cheer: donating to MERS Goodwill!


No matter what holiday you celebrate, you are probably going to need to make room for the gifts you receive this year. Gather up clothes and other items you are upgrading or that you no longer need. Then, bring them into your nearest MERS Goodwill location.

All donations to MERS Goodwill are sold in local Goodwill stores. Proceeds proceeds fund a variety of programs that benefit thousands of people each year.

MERS Goodwill provides job training, employment placement services and other community based services to people with disabilities. The organization also provides services to those who lack education and work experience, to veterans, senior citizens and others that face challenges finding employment.

The work we do at MERS Goodwill would not be possible without your donations. Thank you for your generosity and support this holiday season.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy holiday and New Year!