Make Your Own Sock Snowman

If you have ever suffered by the hands of the laundry gnomes that seem to take only one of your socks, this craft is for you.

This DIY sock snowman craft lets you put those unmatched, lonely socks to good use this holiday season.

What you will need: one tube sock (or if you have multiple socks that don’t have pairs, you can use as many as you want), scissors, twine, rice (or beans), colored sock or piece of fabric, buttons, two black and one orange push pins, glue.

Making the Body

Start with the socks, scissors, and twine laid out on a flat surface. Then use the scissors to cut the sock on the foot right under the heel. Take the top portion of the sock (the one that would go on your ankle and heel) and turn it inside out.

Next, take your twine, unspool about one and a half feet, and cut the twine. Then tie the twine around the heel tip of the sock and wrap the twine around to make the top as secure as possible. When you’ve finished this, go ahead and turn the sock right-side out with the twine on the inside of the sock.

Filling Out Your Snowman

Now you can fill your snowman with raw rice up to about a half inch from the top of the sock. When your sock is full of rice, cut another foot of twine and tie it around the open end of the sock to keep the rice inside the sock.

Take another foot and a half of twine, cut it, and wrap it around the filled sock about one-third of the way down the body. (This should create a larger base body and a smaller head ball.) Next, tie the twine and cut off any extra length that you may have.

Adding the Accessories

If you have any unmatched colored socks, you can cut an eight-inch long by one-inch wide strip out of the sock. (If you don’t have a sock, you can use the colored fabric.) Now tie the colored fabric around the twine you just used to segment the snowman.

Next, pick up the bottom foot portion of the sock and turn it inside out; make a half-inch roll at the open end of the sock, and roll the sock twice. Stuff the sock on the ‘head’ of the snowman to make the sock look like a snow cap.

The Final Touches

Take your buttons and your glue, and use the glue to attach the two buttons to the body. (This should make the snowman look like he’s wearing a sweater.) The last step is to take the two black and one orange push pins and push them into the face of the snowman. The two black push pins are the eyes, and the orange push pin is the nose. If you don’t have push pins, you can use a black marker to make two dots for eyes and an orange marker to make a dot for the nose.

Tada! You should now have an adorable sock snowman!