Back-To-School Shopping Tips

We all know the struggle that accompanies back-to-school shopping…it’s the “I don’t want to wear that,” struggle.

MERS Goodwill stores are stocked up with all kinds of back-to-school supplies like backpacks, clothing and shoes. There’s something for every kid and every style.

Make your back-to-school shopping easy and budget-friendly. Here are a few tips:

Do Some Research:

Have your children look through magazines, Pinterest, etc… and figure out what their “style” is and what sort of clothes they are wanting to wear this year.

Back to school shopping at MERS Goodwill

“This year, I like the “comfy preppy” style.”


Give each child $25 – $50 and set them free. This allows them to pick out what they like and challenges them to budget and get the most for their money.

Back to school shopping at MERS Goodwill

“This outfit was less than $10 at MERS Goodwill and I was able to get plenty more with my $40 budget!”

Be A Stylist:

Encourage your kids put together outfits. Helping them pick items that are versatile and can be used in multiple outfits is key to getting the most out of their money. Offer suggestions, but let them choose.

Back to school shopping at MERS Goodwill

“When shopping, I stuck with my “comfy preppy” style and picked out items that could be worn layered with other outfits.”

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