“Recently I became disabled. My illness caused significant weight loss, so I needed new clothing – but since I’m unable to work, the cost of that clothing was a concern. Shopping my local Goodwill store made it possible to fill my closet at a fraction of what the cost might have been. Among my prize finds were a Pendleton blazer for $8 (current season, new with tags and still selling elsewhere at $139.99!) and a name-brand 100% cashmere sweater, also $8. I so much appreciate the bargains I’ve found that I’ll continue to shop Goodwill even if/when my circumstances improve.”

“I’m a poor college student and lucky for me, a Goodwill is right next to campus. I began broadcasting and doing stuff live on TV and needed dress clothes. I have bought a handful of dress shirts, ties, pants, and my only suit jacket from Goodwill. Plus, I found a sweet Captain America costume for Halloween this year!”

“Today the tickets to the Cardinals Game arrived. Thank you very much! I’m sure my wife and Iwill enjoy the game – win or lose. Be assured we will keep Goodwill in mind when we have donations. We also enjoy shopping in your store. Thanks again.” A recent ticket winner of our 2009 Cardinals promotion.”

“I just love goodwill. Its a good place to shop. When my mom filed bankruptcy we couldn’t even afford food. Some nights I would have to skip meals and that was often a few time a week. When I showed her the Goodwill store by my friends house, we have been shopping there ever since. We buy clothes there and then when I out grow them we send them right on back. She calls it recycling. Thank you so much goodwill. You practically saved my life.” ~ Anonymous

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