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MERS/Missouri Goodwill’s missions is to provide opportunities for persons with barriers to employment to work and live more independently in the community. MERS/Missouri Goodwill provides a variety of programs and services to help support this mission. Some of the many programs and services offered are career counseling, skills training, education and literacy programs, employment services, and more.

Our organization also provides job opportunities through the Custodial and Business Contracts Division. Those who are hired through the MERS Goodwill Custodial and Business Contracts Division become well-trained and reliable workers. MERS Goodwill is then able to better serve local businesses with services like office cleaning, snow removal, paper processing, and more. The revenue from these services then goes back into more training and education programs, so that we can continue to provide reliable, quality contracted business services.

MERS/Missouri Goodwill is a non-profit organization and funds all of its programs through the generous donations of others. Whether it’s a monetary donation, auto donation, or clothing donation to one of our retail locations, be assured that your generous contributions are being utilized to fuel and enhance the community. Also, if you shop at any of our MERS Goodwill retail locations, the proceeds from your purchases also go towards our mission.

We at MERS/Missouri Goodwill are also the proud beneficiaries of generous gifts from both the United Way of Greater St. Louis and the Jewish Federation of St. Louis; partnering with these great organizations enables us to help serve even more people.

Thank you to all who have helped support the MERS/Missouri Goodwill mission. Visit our Heroes & Success Stories page to see what your contributions have accomplished.


MERS incorporated in October 1940 as Jewish Employment & Vocational Service to help those in greatest need by providing desired employment and community services. Goodwill was founded in 1902 in Boston by a young Methodist minister. His chapel provided a place where goods were exchanged, repaired and refurbished. Missouri Goodwill was established in 1918.

In 2001, Metropolitan Employment and Rehabilitation Service and Missouri Goodwill Industries merged to form MERS/Missouri Goodwill Industries. Combining resources and capitalizing on the strengths of both agencies resulted in decreased duplication of services and gained efficiencies in a number of areas and has provided an opportunity for growth and expansion in all three divisions. Our retail division has grown from 17 locations at the time of merger to now 40 locations. This expansion provides additional resources to the employment and training programs, which has expanded to serve dozens of communities and now annually serves thousands of individuals. Additionally, our contracts division has expanded to over 20 locations and has provided job and training opportunities to hundreds of clients.

MERS Goodwill’s strategic plan provides for continued expansion with a goal of reaching out to more communities with 50 retail locations and serving individuals across 54 counties.

To see what MERS/Missouri Goodwill is currently doing in the community, visit our blog. For more information, contact us and we will be more than happy to answer your questions.