Career Counseling

What is Career Counseling?

This program assists individuals with barriers to employment with determining appropriate vocational goals, and identifying areas which may interfere with success.  This program may last several hours to several weeks, depending on participant needs. Career Counseling and Vocational Evaluation is offered at all MERS Goodwill Career Center locations.

WIOA Adult and Dislocated Worker Program

Workforce programs for adults who are financially eligible (i.e. receiving public assistance) or who have been dislocated as a result of a layoff.  These programs are managed by MERS Goodwill in Jefferson and Franklin Counties in Missouri, in partnership with the Office of Job Training Programs.  Staff are located in the Arnold and Washington Job Centers.  Services include career counseling and plan development with additional possible support such as workshops, skills training, tuition support, work experience, or on the job training.

Services are offered Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Please contact Trish Davids for information. 

Missouri Work Assistance

Provides employment related services in 60 counties in Missouri to individuals who are receiving Temporary Assistance cash benefits from FSD. Participants are provided with vocational counseling, job readiness training, job placement assistance, and supportive services.

Please contact us for contact and referral information.

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