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Whoops: Another stash of cash dropped off at Goodwill ~ St. Louis Post

Thanks for sharing our great news St. Louis Post :

MERS/Goodwill has once again found a large sum of money, this time at the Sunset Hills location. The amount of $5000 was found by an employee who was filtering through the donations on Thursday. Goodwill would like the donor to come forward, as it is believed the money was donated unknowingly.


“Uh, oh, here we go again!” said Dr. Lewis Chartock, President and CEO of MERS/Goodwill. On the heels of resolving last year’s accidental donation of $14,000, the organization and its loss prevention team is currently reviewing video surveillance, and believes the donation was made on Wednesday, March 13 between 2pm and 5pm, which could involve 8-15 different donors. The Sunset Hills Goodwill store is located at 10125 Watson Road.


“The caliber of Goodwill’s retail staff is second-to-none and makes me very proud. Our team in Sunset Hills is yet again another shining example of the organization’s exemplary staff,” said Chartock. “We hope we find the donor, to either thank them, or to right a possible accidental drop off. If someone out there would like to come forward, that donor should call Goodwill at (314) 982-8802.”


An answer to the question: “What will happen to the money after 30 days?” The money will go to MERS/Goodwill’s wonderful programs that help the community including:

·         The MERS/Goodwill sheltered workshop that serves individuals with severe disabilities.

·         The MERS/Goodwill Vet Success Program which supports veterans both in their return to civilian employment and independent living.

·         The new MERS/Goodwill autism employment center that help members of the community with Autism Spectrum Disorder transition toward self-sufficiency.

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